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    DAF CF parts

    Brand: DAF
    Model: CF
    Category: влекач
    Manufacture year: 2005
    Gearbox: 16S181
    Engine: 430 к.с.

    Additional info:

    Euro 3; disk break system

    daf-cf-1 daf-cf-3

    DAF XF 95.480 parts

    Brand: daf
    Model: xf 958.480
    Category: влекач
    Manufacture year: 2004
    Gearbox: astronic without intarder
    Engine: 480 h.p.

    Additional info:

    We have parts for euro 3

    DAF XF parts

    Brand: DAF
    Model: XF
    Gearbox: zf 221 with intarder
    Engine: 6 cylinders; 430 h.p.

    Additional info: