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  • FAQ: In this section you will find some answers. If you need other information please contact us.

    • Are these all parts you offer? No. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us, because we are not able to publish everything we offer.

    • Warranties and Returns: All parts are checked, but please note that they are used and defects and malfunctions are possible. Therefore, we mark them and take them back within 3 days after purchase. We recover the amount paid in full.

    • Products delivery: All the products can be deliver via courier for the territory of Bulgaria or you can take them from us directly. If you want delivery to other country we can load in container and arrange the export via sea.

    • Shipping costs: all shipping costs are payable by the buyer.

    • Can I place an order by phone? Yes. These option is possible, as the product is payable in cash or with bank transfer.

    • I want to offer truck You can easily offer damaged vehicle via our website. In order to provide you an answer within 24 hours, we kindly ask you to send us the following information:

      • Complete details of the vehicle:
      • Brand
      • Type
      • Building year
      • Euronorm
      • Type of gearbox
      • Type of engine
      • Available extras
      • Multiple pictures of the exterior
      • Brief description of the damage
      • Requested price